What We Believe

Shoppers and sellers can work together to make a green impact – with a little help.

We believe that shoppers are concerned about the sustainability impact of their purchases and want to make greener choices. So many sellers are feeling the pressure from their customers to show more commitment to and be more transparent about sustainability efforts.

We also believe that being sustainable is good for business because it reduces many operational costs, gives businesses a competitive advantage and increases profits in the long run.

The Directgreen program was created to help shoppers and sellers work together to make a green impact.

What We Do

We work with local businesses and communities to help people make an impact every day.

The Directgreen program provides a framework for assessing companies’ sustainability initiatives, giving customers the reassurance that their purchases are making a genuine difference.

Through three different pledge plans, the program allows sellers to choose the level of commitment that they’re comfortable with, so they are better able to keep their pledges. This means sellers can join the program even if they are only just starting to take sustainable actions.

The program also lets shoppers make double the impact through a loyalty system. Shoppers earn points when they purchase from Directgreen sellers, which they can use to support global projects through the Directgreen Foundation.

What’s more, Directgreen has a strict code of practices for the partners and projects that we work with, so as to maintain the integrity of the program.

Three levels of commitment


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Our Foundation

The Directgreen Foundation is a Netherlands-based non-profit organization.

Its mission is to support the sustainable development of clean technologies, energy efficiency, reforestation, sustainability and environmental management, and to empower people, communities and others to take action for sustainability.

Its activities are carried out through donations, direct investments and loans made in accordance with responsible financial management and by education and guidance on sustainability issues.

The Board of Directors of the Directgreen Foundation is responsible for identifying and reviewing projects that are presented for funding on our website. From there, members can use their Directgreen loyalty points to fund the projects of their choice.

Our Strategic Partners

SCP Clearinghouse

Strategic Partner
Directgreen was accepted as a global SCP Initiative under UNEP’s Global SCP Clearinghouse. The Global SCP Clearinghouse is a unique information hub dedicated to Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) and convened by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) acting as the Secretariat of the 10 Year Framework of Programmes on SCP (10YFP on SCP).

Circular Economy Singapore

Strategic Partner
Directgreen is a member of Circular Economy Singapore, an informal network of individuals, businesses and organizations that support and embrace the concept and principles of the circular economy. Directgreen helps to spread the circular economy concept to Directgreen’s sustainable business network.

Be An Idea

Strategic Partner
Directgreen supports the social impact sector through partnering with Be An Idea Fuze Nights - the social for social impact. Be An Idea provides a platform to empower non-profits, brands and volunteers connect ideas to impact. It does this by providing bespoke consultancy, content development, and tailored volunteer training programs.