Benefits for Seller

  • Give your business a sustainable edge in just minutes

    Directgreen doesn’t just provide an innovative sustainability-based loyalty programme for your customers. It’s a complete sustainability system for your business. With the Directgreen framework, taking the first steps to greening your business and becoming more sustainable is easy.

  • Stay ahead of the green curve

    As sustainability becomes more and more important to customers, ensuring that your business is run in a sustainable manner will give you the edge you need to stay competitive. With Directgreen, you can put in place a complete sustainability programme quickly and easily and start building a greener business.

  • Grow loyal customers – and your business

    Directgreen’s unique approach to sustainability offers you a two-in-one solution. Build your base of loyal customers through the loyalty programme that gives your customers points for every purchase they make from you. Plus, green your business gradually by investing a percentage of member sales towards sustainable improvements such as, energy saving lighting or reusable shopping bags.

  • A small investment for big rewards

    Most businesses realise that being sustainable saves money and increases profits in the long run but worry about the costs of being green in the short term. The Directgreen program is a step-by-step framework that allows you to make small investments in sustainability at your own pace, so you can start reaping the benefits of a greener business sooner. We also show you how you can take sustainability into consideration when making everyday business decisions at little or no cost to your bottomline.

  • Keep track of your progress

    When you join Directgreen, you’ll have access to our Sustainability Management System. Our system gives you a suite of interactive tools that you can use to monitor your progress, track your performance and measure your efforts against your peers. Create comprehensive reports with charts and tables that you can use in annual reports or marketing material.

Simple steps to get started

Sign up for
a Directgreen plan
Choose the commitment
level that suits your business
Ask your customers
to join as members
Track your performance
through the Sustainability
Management System
Record transactions
through the loyalty
Get access to accredited
sustainability suppliers


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