Joining Directgreen


What is Directgreen?

Directgreen is an award-winning customer sustainability program, managed and operated by Direct Green Capital Pte Ltd, that helps shoppers and sellers work together to green purchases and make an impact.

Do I have to pay to join Directgreen?

Directgreen is free for shoppers. There are three different price plans to join Directgreen as a seller. See our plans.

How does Directgreen compare with other sustainability programs in the marketplace?

With Directgreen, you’ll get a sustainability program that helps you green and grow your business step by step. Other sustainability programs are concerned about the long-term benefits of sustainability. Our focus is helping you to get a more immediate return on your sustainability actions.

How can Directgreen help my business?

Directgreen helps you reassure your customers of your sustainability credentials and gives them an incentive to come back to your business. What’s more, it’s quick, easy and cost-effective to implement.

Why should I trust you?

Directgreen was built to make sustainability work for you. Unlike the complex, expensive sustainability programs out there, Directgreen is a simpler, more cost-effective program that turns your customers into partners. So you can grow your customers, while taking steps to green your business.

My business is already sustainable. Can I still join Directgreen?

If you already run a green business that sells purely ecological, social, organic or fair trade products or services, then you're our role model. Join us as a Directgreen Star to continue to grow your business, meet like-minded shoppers, sellers and partners and provide inspiration for the rest of us.

Our Directgreen Stars don't have to make a pledge but they must commit to the Directgreen Code of Conduct. Get in touch with us for a customised plan for your business.

I offer sustainable services or products. How do I become a Directgreen partner?

We evaluate each partner individually and only admit businesses that have the appropriate certifications, are aligned with our philosophy and are truly committed to sustainability. Partners are reviewed annually to ensure they comply with the Code of Conduct before their listing is renewed.

To become a partner, simply register your business and we’ll let you know if you’ve been successful in your application. There is a non-refundable fee of $250 to cover the cost of assessing your application. So we suggest that you have a look at our list of approved certifications before submitting your application. If your business has a sustainability certification that is not on our list, email us to find out if your certification can be accepted.

I don’t sell green products. Can I still become a partner?

If you don’t sell green products then we can’t accept you as a partner, as our partners need to help our sellers meet their green pledges.

But if a customer has asked you to commit to our Code of Conduct or you’re in the process of getting certified, then you can join us as a sustainable supplier. By joining us, you can help your customers reduce the time and effort managing their supply chain and you can start moving your business toward sustainability.


Process & Systems

How does Directgreen work?

With Directgreen, shoppers earn loyalty points for their purchases that they can put towards sustainable projects around the world. And sellers pledge to invest a portion of their member sales in sustainable projects for their business. So every dollar spent with Directgreen sellers has double the green impact.

How do I know if sellers are really fulfilling their green pledges?

Directgreen ensures that our sellers are meeting their green commitments through certified sustainability partners, so you can be assured that you’re having a direct impact.

How are the projects funded?

Directgreen contributes 15% of all sales fees to the Directgreen Foundation.

When you support projects with your loyalty points, you are helping to determine the proportion of the contribution your project of choice receives.

How do you choose your sustainability partners?

All our sustainability partners need to meet these stringent criteria:

  • They must be accredited, certified or accepted by an appropriate and recognised third-party standard for ecological, social, organic or fair trade products and services.
  • They must commit to the Directgreen Code of Conduct.

We evaluate each partner individually and only admit businesses that are aligned with our philosophy and are truly committed to sustainability. Partners are reviewed annually to ensure they comply with the Code of Conduct before their listing is renewed.

How does Directgreen work at point of sale?

Directgreen is a web-based consumer sustainability management system designed for sellers. All you need is a web browser to get started.

New customers can sign up with you by providing their full name and email or scanning your Seller QR Code and registering themselves.

Similarly when customers shop with you, they can scan your Seller QR Code or you can record their purchase using their full name and email. Their investments and support points will be added automatically to their Directgreen account.

How does it work in the back office?

The Directgreen app will set you up to match your actions with all member purchases. Just answer a few questions and you’ll get instant reporting on your sustainability performance and action planning. Then easy data inputs will let you have all data readily available whenever you need it. And with all data automatically available in the sustainability report, you can credibly and transparently showcase your sustainability credentials.

How can Directgreen help me make my business more sustainable?

When you join Directgreen, you’ll have access to our Sustainability Management System. Our system gives you a suite of interactive tools that you can use to monitor your progress, track your performance and measure your efforts against your peers.


Plans & Pricing

Is it free for my customers to join Directgreen?

Yes, Directgreen is free for customers.

Am I billed for Directgreen points to customers?

No. You won’t be charged for points.

How does the risk-free trial work?

If you cancel your account within the first month you won’t be billed for any subscription or program fees.

Can I change plans?

Yes. Just log in to your Directgreen account and go to the Billing section to make the change.

What if I cancel after the trial?

If you choose to cancel your account after the trial, all fees paid are non-refundable. Please note that you will still be liable to match your green pledges under your chosen plan within three months of cancelling of your account. Alternatively, you may opt to support the Directgreen Foundation.


Do I have to pay 1% of all my sales to Directgreen?

No, you only have to pay 1% of sales from Directgreen members. For example, if your total sales for the month is $10,000 and $5,000 comes from Directgreen members, then you only pay 1% of $5,000, which is $50. What’s more, depending on your plan, you’ll get between 25–50% cash back. So you may only end up paying $25.

How is the 1% sales fee charged?

When you start rewarding your Directgreen customers with loyalty points, we will start to charge a non-refundable sales fee of $50 to your account. Your sales are then monitored and the sales fee for individual transactions is deducted from the initial $50. When your sales fee balance reaches $5, we will charge another $50 to your account. As your Directgreen sales increase, we will adjust the amount deducted for your sales fees so that we're only making one deduction a month for your account.

What happens if my sustainability investments do not match my level of commitment?

You have until the end of the calendar year to make the required sustainability investments on member purchases over the year. If you don’t, we will give you another three months to meet your pledge. Alternatively, you may opt to support a project of your choice through the Directgreen Foundation. Please note that your monthly charges will count towards the required sustainability investments of your plan.


Do I have to pay to become a partner?

When you apply to be a Directgreen partner or renew your partnership, there is a non-refundable fee of $250 to cover the cost of assessing your application.



How will Directgreen use my information?

We have a strict Privacy Policy and any personal information you provide us will be kept strictly confidential.

We do use aggregated information from our sellers in our benchmark reporting and data from sellers, shoppers, partners, suppliers and other participants in our impact reporting. Benchmark reports help sellers understand how their business is performing relative to their competition. Impact reports help us understand how the program is working and where we need to improve. We only use general information in our reports and do not identify or profile individuals.