Plus 1% of member sales

25% cash back

5 loyalty points per dollar

Plus 1% of member sales

35% cash back

10 loyalty points per dollar

Plus 1% of member sales

50% cash back

15 loyalty points per dollar


$39, $59 and $99 rates are for subscriptions paid annually.
Monthly subscription rates are $44, $69 and $119 respectively.

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What You Get With Our Plans

Directgreen offers you a complete customer sustainability system that you can set up in just minutes.


Three levels of commitment

Choose from three different plans – 5% Green, 10% Green and 15% Green – to suit your business. The plan you choose determines the percentage of each Directgreen member purchase that you pledge towards a green action.


Loyalty points for your customers

Your customers earn loyalty points for every purchase they make with you. They can use their loyalty points to fund sustainable projects globally. So each purchase they make with you has double the green impact.


No set up fees, no contracts

With Directgreen, there are no set-up fees or lock-in contracts. You’re billed monthly based on your sales to Directgreen members and you can choose to pay your subscription annually or monthly. You can even try Directgreen risk-free for 30 days with our free trial.


Get cash back on fees

Fulfil your pledge commitments and get up to 50% cash back on the 1% member sales fee, depending on your plan.

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Questions About Pricing And Plans

  • Is it free for my customers to join Directgreen?

    Yes, Directgreen is free for customers.

  • Am I billed for Directgreen points to customers?

    No. You won’t be charged for points.

  • How does the risk-free trial work?

    If you cancel your account within the first month you won’t be billed for any subscription or program fees.

  • Can I change plans?

    Yes. Just log in to your Directgreen account and go to the Billing section to make the change.

  • What if I cancel after the trial?

    If you choose to cancel your account after the trial, all fees paid are non-refundable. Please note that you will still be liable to match your green pledges under your chosen plan within three months of cancelling of your account. Alternatively, you may opt to support the Directgreen Foundation.


  • Do I have to pay 1% of all my sales to Directgreen?

    No, you only have to pay 1% of sales from Directgreen members. For example, if your total sales for the month is $10,000 and $5,000 comes from Directgreen members, then you only pay 1% of $5,000, which is $50. What’s more, depending on your plan, you’ll get between 25–50% cash back. So you may only end up paying $25.

  • How is the 1% sales fee charged?

    When you start rewarding your Directgreen customers with loyalty points, we will start to charge a non-refundable sales fee of $50 to your account. Your sales are then monitored and the sales fee for individual transactions is deducted from the initial $50. When your sales fee balance reaches $5, we will charge another $50 to your account. As your Directgreen sales increase, we will adjust the amount deducted for your sales fees so that we're only making one deduction a month for your account.

  • What happens if my sustainability investments do not match my level of commitment?

    You have until the end of the calendar year to make the required sustainability investments on member purchases over the year. If you don’t, we will give you another three months to meet your pledge. Alternatively, you may opt to support a project of your choice through the Directgreen Foundation. Please note that your monthly charges will count towards the required sustainability investments of your plan.


  • Do I have to pay to become a partner?

    When you apply to be a Directgreen partner or renew your partnership, there is a non-refundable fee of $250 to cover the cost of assessing your application.



Why You Should Green

Being a Directgreen seller can give your business a competitive edge.